Photo credits to Маrек Kυbıcα

There is no more time for us to just wander around waiting for others to find solutions to our problems. WE all need to bring the global problems to the local level, and use this opportunity to do things right for us and for all the future generations.

With creativity and organization at the core, strategic and passionate, Adriana is a graduated Architectural Technologist with an MA in Social Science, specializing in Leadership, Organization, and Sustainable Development. She began her journey into architecture in early 2010, and her professional career with the Danish architectural firm Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects in Copenhagen. Her interest in sustainability and the long-term effects of architecture and construction began while in her bachelor’s education and intensified during her professional placements and international volunteering experiences. After conducting her research on sustainable transition processes, community resilience, and grassroots leadership, her interest is now focused on community, green construction, circular economy, and sustainability in the built environment. Adriana advocated for the power of each individual to empower, create communities and fight together to create a fair and more sustainable future, and points towards collaboration as a key driver.

Momentarily, Adriana is living in Copenhagen Timișoara and is finalizing her architectural degree at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning from the Polytechnic University of Timisoara in Romania, while bringing her expertise and international experience towards trying to tackle some of the challenges generated by this transition.