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Adriana is an Architect MAA and Sustainability Lead, currently based in Denmark. Working at the intersection of design, technology, and sustainability, her design philosophy is deeply rooted in sustainability - the main strategy and drive for her design process. Her multidisciplinary education and experience with Architectural Design, Architectural Technology, and Leadership for Sustainability make her a curious, courageous, and very structured person.

For the past 7 years, Adriana has worked on various project sizes and typologies, ranging from small residential or commercial buildings to highly complex educational facilities, urban studies, or cultural and social initiatives. Adriana brings a multidisciplinary array of professional experiences, with a full spectrum of tasks and responsibilities from a mix of design, architecture, manufacturing, and engineering firms.

As her career progresses, Adriana hopes to continue investigating the intricacies of the human condition in the built environment through design, architecture, and innovation. In doing so, she believes that we can collaboratively create enduring artifacts that can positively respond to the current climate emergency, and proactively craft solutions that sustain our life on this planet within the planetary boundaries.


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Adriana Nitu, February 2020, Portrait by Febiyan Rachman

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